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Hier gibt´s Perlen aus Soulsunnys Plattenschrank

frisch aus dem Herrenzimmer auf Eure Ohren.

NEU: Endlich wieder aktuell !

Ab jetzt werden wir hier die aktuellen gemischten Perlen vorstellen, die wir für unsere Veranstaltungen gezüchtet haben:

Moddezernat USG6 vom 04.06.2016

TonicClub Frankfurt vom 05.03.2016

Shoot Your Cuffs vom 16.01.2016

13th Floor Elevator vom 10.10.2015

Shoot Your Cuffs vom 18.07.2015

Moddezernat Nürnberg vom 26.06.2015

OWow! Linz vom 02.05.2015

Shoot Your Cuffs vom 11.04.2015

Moddezernat Kempten vom 27.03.2015

Moddezernat Nürnberg vom 20.02.2015

Deeper Shade Atomic Cafe vom 19.12.2014

Shoot Your Cuffs vom 12.07.2014

Modball Frankfurt vom 01.03.2014

Deeper Shade Atomic Cafe vom 31.01.2014

MonoBar am 16.11.2013

Berlin Beat Explosion 12.-15.09.2013

Two Men From Linz 17.-20.05.2013

MonoBar am 09.03.2013

Soulfood Augsburg am 27.12.2012

All Saints Mod Holiday Lavarone 31.10-03.11.2012

Moddezernat Kempten vom 04.05.2012

Modball Frankfurt vom 03.03.2012

All Saints Mod Holiday Lavarone 28.10.-01.11.2011

Ab hier findet Ihr weiterhin die früheren Plattenperlen:


Und auf vielfachen Wunsch darf die Testperle auch bleiben:

Hier klicken für die Testperle


Und los geht´s mit ein paar R&B-Knallern:


Jimmy Preacher Ellie - I m Gonna Do It By Myself

Jonny Cool - The Love Bounce

Fabulous Playboys - Honkey Tonk Woman

J J Jackson - Oo Ma Liddi

Spencer Wiggins - Lonely Man


Nächste Runde! Wir lieben Beat, Beat, Beat:


The Small Faces - Grow Your Own

Knut Kiesewetter - Stop! Stop! Stop!

Tommy Körberg - Igor The Dog

Neil Christian - I m Gonna Love You Baby

German Bonds - Out Of Sight


5 of my favourite tunes at the new year´s eve weekender at aachen 2007/2008:


Felder Orioles - Turn On Your Lovelight

Willis Jackson - Swivel Hips

Dean Jones - Women Ska De La De La

Five Royals - The Don t Know

Harold Jackson - The Freedom Riders


Wir lieben Beat und? ...Richtig: Soul! Northern Soul!


Pal Rakes - Can t Deny The Hurt

Pets - I Say Yeah

Dooley Sisters - Spider In The Web

Cassietta George - Don t Give Up

Bobby King - Thanks Mr Postman


5 Scheiben für Frankfurt am 1.3.08:


Bobby Mitchell - Well I Done Got Over

Georgie Fame - Bend A Little

The Artwoods - I Feel Good

Kevin King Lear - Shoe Shine Sam

Rudy Lewis - Baby I Dig Love


Favourite Fives Nürnberg 26.04.08:


Bobby Hamilton - How Come

Eddie Bo - Every Dog Got His Day

Beatstalkers - Left Right Left

Monguito Santamaria - Hey Sister

Lou Rawls - The House Next Door


Perlen für Bad Breisig:


Johnny Dunn - My Stupid Heart

The Groop - Such A Lovely Way

Sasperella - Come Inside

Tommy T - Sales Pitch

Billy Storm - Educated Fool


Ohne besonderen Anlass: gemischtes Eis mit Sahne


Freddie Houston - Chills & fever

Big Maybelle - That s A Pretty Good Love

Lavern Baker - Voodoo Voodoo

Jigsaw - One Way Street

Professor Longhair - Big Chief Pt.II


Heute, 23.07.08, stellen wir Ihnen vor:


The Kittens - Lookie, Lookie

Guitar Ray - Patty Cake Shake

Tommy Jay - Tender Love

Roy Brown - Slow Down Little Eva

Dick Wagner & The Frosts - Sunshine


So, Sommerpause vorbei, some new stuff:


Ray Barretto - A Deeper Shade Of Soul

Spyder Turner - Ride In My 225

Louis Jordan - Workin Man

Juanita Nixon - Stop Knockin

Jason Deane - Make Believe


Fürs MoDDezernat Kempten, 19.12.08, ausgesucht:


The Majority - One Third

Jo Ann Smith - Give A Man A Tree

Barry Grand - Anniversary Song

Jack Hammer - Ali Ben Ghazi

Shep Grant - You Found My Heart A Lonely Home


From my Christmas-CD 2008 (a few still available on request)


Anna Belle Caesar - Little Annie

Jessie Mae - Don t Freeze On Me

Young Jessie - You Were Meant For Me

Chuck Wright - The Palm Of Your Hand

King Coleman - Black Bottom Blues


5 Spins from the last Moddezernat on 6th Feb.:


Roberta - I m On The Prowl

Lenny Johnson - Walk Ginny Walk

George Allen - Come On Home

King Bees - On Your Way Down The Drain

M U 5 - Mrs Watson


In meiner Plattentasche für das moDDezernat Kempten 20.02.09.


Billy Bland - Doing The Mule

The Chantels - Indian Giver

Little Gigi - Take The Bitter With The Sweet

Les Masters - Mes Petites Amies

und weil Fasching ist, für die gute Stimmung:

The Countdown Five - Shaka Shaka Na Na


5 songs you may hear at the pow pow at Ried 13.3.09:


The Celebrities - Mambo Daddy

The Lloyd Alexander Real Estate - Gonna Live Again

Sonny Flaharty - Hey Conductor

Gavin Hamilton - It Won t Be The Same

Fire And Ice - Mirrors


In Vorfreude auf das Bratwurstdezernat am 25.04.09:


Lou Lawton- Knick Knack Patty Wack

Johnny Watson - Looking Back

Los Iberos - Liar Liar

Soul Inc - Love Me When I m Down

Arlin Harmon - Out Of The Picture (Vielen Dank, Thomas!)


My variety of sounds for the Men from L.I.N.Z. Weekender 2009


Sonny Rhodes - You Better Stop

The Clovers - Try My Lovin On You

The Untamed - My Baby Is Gone

The What s New - Up So High

and of course the Mod-Rhine-anthem:

Apple - Let s Take A Trip Down The Rhine


For a summer of soul:


The Belmonts - Walk On

Ernestine Anderson - You re Not The Guy For Me

Freddie North - The Hurt

Jesse Fortune - Too Many Cooks

John Lee s Groundhogs - Over You Baby


Nach dem Hot Barbecue - Hot moDDezernat Kempten 17.07.09:


Brother Jack McDuff - Hot Barbecue

The Barons - Money Don t Grow On Trees

Chyvonne Scott - I m Moving On

The Patrick Samson Set - Sono Un Uomo

Arnim-Hamilton - Pepperman


Für Die 3 von der Funkstelle & Soulfood Augsburg 7./8.08.2009


Ray Jay & The Eastsiders - Love Doll

Susan Barrett - Chico s Girl

Tommy Scott - I Can Only Give You Everything

Ronnie Jones - My Love

The Clayton Squares - Come And Get It


In Linz an der Donau (11.-13.09.2009) mit dabei:


Justin - Right Now

Wilson Picket - Baby Don t Weep

Judy Clay - Do You Think That s Right

John & Carol - Get Your Hat

Bobby Day - Pretty Little Girl Next Door


Different styles, but it´s all MOD!:


Sugar N Spice - I Got A Man

The Shots - Keep A Hold Of What You ve Got

Claude Bolling - Strange Music

The Pied Pipers - Stay In My Life

Roy Hamilton - Earthquake


Für Elviz Geburtstagsnighter in Frankfurt am 27.11.2009 dabei:


Owen & Leon Silvera - I Want My Cock

Winston Samuel - You Are The One

Justin Hines - The Ark

Terry & Jerry - Mama Julie

Äppelwoi, Äppelwoi


Some files from the Christmas-Compilation 2009


Bruce Cloud - My Book

Jackie Ross - Jerk And Twine

Young Jessie - Big Chief

Otis Clay - Three Is A Crowd

The Tropics - As Time s Gone


Frisch gezapftes für die Funkstelle am 5.3.10


The Tempos - (Countdown) Here I Come

Jimmy Steward Jr - Convince Me

Joe Tex - Pneumonia

Dick Jordan - I Want Her Back

The Mec-Op-Singers - Stop The Machine

und für´s Wetter im Allgäu:

Rick McClellan - Frozen Sunshine


Moddezernat Nürnberg am 1.Mai 2010:


The Triumphs - Workin

Black Eyed Peas - Smallest Man Alive

Jo Ann Henderson - Baby Please Don t Go

Eddie Cano - El Pito

Washington DCs - I ve Done It All Wrong


5 Bar-B-Tunes for the Bad Breisig Weekender 21.-24.5.2010


Owen and Leon - The Fits On Me

George Cameron - My Heart Tells Me So

Rosemary - Not Much Do You Baby

Billy Thompson - Black Eyed Girl

Ray Rivera - Bend Me Shape Me


For the Camden-town Mod-Nighter at the Trio Bar 4.6.10


The Hipster Image - Make Her Mine

Rosetta Hightower - Big Bird

Paul Anka - Uh Huh

Ann Heywood - Crook His Little Finger

Jack Costanza - Chicken And Rice


Neue Plattenperlen im August 2010:


Sandy Wynns - Love s Like Quicksand

Earl Van Dyke - Soul Stomp

Perk Lee - The Docks

Victor Knight - Chinatown

Alex Harvey - Midnight Moses


Endlich wieder Zeit für neues Altes:


Nina Simone - Come On Back Jack (Colpix)

Teddy Mack - Hey Hey Gipsy Woman (Monroe)

Baby Huey - Messin With The Kid (Satellite)

Marv Johnson - With All That s In Me (UA)

B K Anderson - The Minimum Wage (Swirl)


Sommer Update 2011:


Varetta Dillard - Scorched (Triumph)

Nick Ashford - I Don t Need No Doctor (Verve)

The Arter Set - Sermon (Musicland)

Junior Wells - Stomach Ache (Vanguard)

Joe Bataan - Gipsy Woman (Fania)


I´m in a psychedelic mood today:


Frosty - Organ Grinder s Monkey (MGM)

Kate - Shout It (CBS)

Octopus - The Thief (Penny Farthing)

The Tops - I Found You (Arsis)

Puzzle - Houla (Odeon)


5 favourite tracks for the Moddezernat Nürnberg 30.07.2011


Young Jesse - Lula Belle (Capitol)

Jimmy Lynch - Notions Of Mr Motions (La Val)

Jane Baker - Sing On Baby (RCA)

Teddy Reynolds - Drop That Gun (Newman)

Steve Aldo - You re absolutely right (Parlophone)


Time for something new: Now I´ll share a mix of 5 songs,

so you can listen to them without the need to click on every single one.

5 from my recordbox for the

Moddezernat Kempten 7.10.11

Connoissurs - Count Macabre (M-P)

Gene Holiday - Scratch My Name Off The Mailbox (Johnson)

Dee Dee Sharp - Let´s Twine (Cameo)

The Sons Of Fred - Baby What Do You Want Me To Do? (Parlophone)

The Moving Sidewalks - 99th Floor (Wand)


5 Guns for Lavarone

George Hughley - Do The Beatle (Gaye)

Jimmy McCracklin - What´s That Pt.1 (Mercury)

Ann Cole - Each Day (Baton)

The Twisters - Run Little Sheba (Gemini)

Miss LaVelle - Teen Age Love (Duke)


For the Disc-A-Go-Go 25.11.11 at Frankfurt I choosed this 5:

Starting with jazzy Joe Thomas & Bill Elliott Speaking Their Piece on Sue, than soulful Marv Johnson sings He Gave Me You on United Artists, with her cracklin voice Cookie Jackson wants to know if You Still Love Her on Progress

Gary Brown has to cope with a Spoiled Child on Brownie

and finally Joe Tex Wants To Be Free on Dial


Happy New Year!

Let´s start with a mixture of all different mod sounds:

Moddezernat Mix Januar 2012

Betty O´Brian - She´ll Be Gone (Liberty)

The Wailers - I´m Going Home (Coxsone)

Tony Colton - I Stand Accused (ABC)

Keith Field - Stop! Thief (Polydor)

Gino Parks - For This I Thank You (Tamla)


Modball - Mix for the Clubkeller Frankfurt on the 03.03.2012:

Tiny Topsy - Just A Little Bit (Federal)

Bobby Sharp - Baby Girl Of Mine (Wing)

Eddie Carr And The Navajos - Evil, Evil, Evel Knievel (AM)

Suzi Jane Hokom - Need All The Help I Can Get (MGM)

Wayne Fontana - Waiting For A Break In The Clouds (Fontana)


21.04.2012 :

The Demons - Going To the Dance (Clover)

Alena Madera - Pu-Chun-Ga (Decca)

Steve & The Holidays - German Measles (Dandy)

The Bats - Money (Gib Mir Liebe) (Polydor)

Jeannie Hoffman - Sing Halleluja (Capitol)


5, die sicher beim Soulfood_Augsburg 

am 27.12.12 mit dabei sind:

Perry and The Harmonics - Do The Monkey With James (Mercury)

Bud Harper - Wherever You Were (Peacock)

Lucille Mathis - I´m Not Your Regular Woman (A-Bet)

Jamie Coe - Cleopatra (BigTop)

Vernon Harrel - Slick Chick (Lescay)


Für ein friedvolles Miteinander von Mods & Rocker

in der MonoBar am 09.03.2013:

Jerry & Jeff - Voodoo Medicine Man (SuperK)

Tony And The Monstrosities - Igor´s Party (Crypt)

Bobby Barrett - Cheatin Kathleen´(Sims)

Arthus Prysock - I Must Be Doing Something Right (Verve)

Johnny Zamot - Fat Mama (Decca)


For my favourite weekender Linz2013 a selection of 5 favourites:

Charles Sheffield - It´s Your Voodoo Working (Excello)

Phillip Wolf - Little Woman (Sims)

Baby Jean - If You Wanna (Stacy)

Billy And The Moonlighters - Little Indian Girl (Crystal Ball)

The Phonetics - Pretty Girl (Trudel)


Really looking forward to the BerlinBeatExplosion2013 with this 5:

Sherri Taylor - He´s The One That Rings My Bell (Gloreco)

Gentleman June Gardner - It´s Gonna Rain (Emarcy)

Toni and The Showmen - Try My Love (TenStar)

Benny Spellman - This Is For You My Love (Alon)

The Constellations - Oh Mary (Violet)


Mods & Rockers in der Mono am 16.11.2013 hören:

The Vontels - Ta-Hula Hoop (Lebby)

Barry White - Tracy (Faro)

Taurus and Leo - I Ain´t Playing Baby (Velvet Sound)

Little Gigi - I Volunteer (Decca)

The Idols - The Prowler (RCA)


                     NEUE TERMINE!







Shoot Your Cuffs München


Nick Waterhouse München


Shawn James






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