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ModScene NUE
Scooters Friends Mod(e)Shop Impressum

Christof Sonnenberg
Salzstraße 12
87435 Kempten

ModCity Nürnberg

You´re looking for some modernist-related informations
about Nürnberg(Nuremberg)?

So you want to know more than Nürnberger Rostbratwürstl,
fränkisches Landbier, Lebkuchen, Christkindlmarkt and the unsuccessful Soccerteam „Dä Club“?

O.K., you´ll find definitely no other Mods in Nürnberg, as far as I know. If there´s any, please tell me!
So you´ll have the easy chance to feel like the ace-face or like
a clown if you wear your complete mod-uniform.

However, there´s a constant Soul-scene and a growing
open-hearted scene for Mod-music.

So some clubs, bars and shops jumped on the train and you´ll
find enough possibilities to have fun, even with the stubborn franconians.




                     NEUE TERMINE!







Shoot Your Cuffs München


Nick Waterhouse München


Shawn James






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